Fordham 27 (Report 7): AI

The AI panel Having finished lunch on the first day, the Fordham IP conference attendees were ready for some more topic-specific sessions. The AmeriKat hands over to one of the Fordham guest Kats, Alexander de Leeuw (Brinkhof) for the report on the AI session:Over to Alexander: "The session on artificial intelligence, moderated by Laura Sheridan (Google), appeared to have drawn particular attention given that people were standing in line all the way outside the conference room to get a glimpse of what the experts had to say.The first speaker to take the stage was Massimo Sterpi (Gianni, Origoni, Grippo Cappelli & Partners), who talked about neurography and “the rise of the neural artist”. After diving into the history and technicalities of AI, Massimo explained that there are many humans involved in the process of creating output through AI, such as those who create the structure, those who provide the content, those who train the adversarial…

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