Fontana Marijuana Lawyers Hail Axed Home-Grown Pot Rules

When California voters approved Proposition 64, it included a provision that give wide discretion to individual communities regarding how much of a berth they wanted to give cannabis companies and customers. In San Bernardino County, Fontana marijuana lawyers soon understood that in this community, authorities were eager to take a hard line stance – particularly on home grow operations.  Now, Fontana’s de facto ban on home cannabis grow operations has been nixed in a San Bernardino Superior Court ruling, finding the city’s rule’s to be “excessive,” paving the way for individuals to grow and possess amounts of the drug that are more in line with state provisions, which are far more lax. This is likely to prompt other municipalities to look carefully at their own policies if they are tighter than provisions of state law.  Fontana Marijuana Lawyers Outline Stringent City Ordinance The city ordinance in Fontana was strict, effectively…

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