Florida Insurance Lobby Targeting Auto Accident Victims in 2019

Insurance Industry Proposed Changes to Florida Auto Accident Law in 2019 Most people who have never been victims of any accident have no idea how Florida laws might impact their potential auto insurance claims.  Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, conservative Florida lawmakers have directly targeted injury victims by passing many laws designed to weaken the value of accident cases.   As a result, the insurance lobby has been licking their chops after the 2018 midterm election, because conservative lawmakers have always supported their efforts to curb victim rights in court. This same insurance industry lobby recently published a white paper, detailing the legislative changes that they want from the Florida legislature in 2019.  They make their goals sound lofty — to reduce insurance premiums for all Floridians. Who could argue with a reduction in premiums? Text Or Call 24 Hour Car Accident Lawyer Hotline (407) 803-2139 How Florida Insurance…

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