Florida Gynecologist Who Treated Incontinence Sentenced to Federal Prison After Being Convicted at Trial of Health Care Fraud

Going to trial is a difficult choice for health care providers in paper fraud cases where there are numerous and obvious billing errors. The issue is usually whether the government can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was intent to defraud and not billing errors. A recent case shows what happened when a Florida physician went to trial, testified and lost at trial. Obviously, it was a very difficult decision for her and her family which included teenage children. The sentence was dispensed this week.On April 21, 2019, Sheetal Kanar Kumar, M.D. of Stuart, Florida, was sentenced to a total of 24 months in prison, to be followed by 2 years of supervised release. This sentence came after a trial in February where a federal jury convicted her of committing 23 acts of health care fraud. She was acquitted of 6 counts of health care fraud. Dr. Kumar testified on her own behalf at trial. According to the court record, including evidence introduced at trial,…

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