Florida Child Abuse Laws and the Rights of Victims

The recent child sex abuse scandal at Penn State has brought to light many issues surrounding child abuse laws and the victim’s rights . Child abuse laws differ from state to state. Unlike Pennsylvania, Florida Statute 39.201 requires mandatory reports of child abuse and has prosecuted people for not reporting abuse.

Victims of child abuse and child sexual abuse may be entitled to damages covering financial hardships caused by the necessary professional help needed for the victim and for emotional and psychological trauma. For more information on the rights of child abuse victims or if you suspect your child has been sexually abused, contact an experienced Florida child abuse attorney. Do not attempt to handle the situation yourself and do not rely on an organization or its authorities to handle it either. As the Penn State case has proven, many times people do not act with the victim’s best interests in mind.

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The Florida child abuse lawyers at Mallard Law Firm are dedicated to assisting families with their child abuse claims. Victims and their families have rights and we will ensure that these rights are protected. If you suspect that your child has been the victim of sexual child abuse in Florida, remove your child from the abuser’s vicinity immediately, alert the authorities and contact our experienced and compassionate Florida child injury attorneys for a free legal consultation to discuss your child abuse claim.
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  1. Keith Richard Radford Jr says:

    there is nothing legal about sex laws. Sex laws have progressively gotten more punitive over the years to to point that a person traveling to visit a friend or relitive must report within three days, must register their whereabouts and is legally confined to state or local areas, what is to keep the law from confining someone to a home? Placing someone in the custody of an individual? Who is to say that individual does not only want there siliver polished? What is next? Maybe forcing someone to sleep with someone they don’t know to save room? Isn’t that what is already being done in Motels where sex offenders are housed? Say a kid whats to have sex with someone, are they to be put to death for the desire, or say that someone is themselves through masterbation, what is the difference, when the outcome is a lifetime of monitoring by people that have no desire for companionship or intimacy? Sex laws are an imposition where law has no place too tread and what happens? Officers come and beat you up, throw you in jail and warn you to go back to a slaves existence created by unjust law? Expect you you regester or die in prison? Put you in a situations where you can’t defend yourself from the law? The intimidation organized by law is wrong concerning sex. So quite frankly sex laws are sex slavery and the courts are the traffickers using law enforcement to facilitate the law of slavery to an unjust system of abuse of freedom to move about the country or even from town to town.

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