Flora Sapio: "What Do We Still Ignore About Chinese Constitutionalism?: The United Front and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Part 2"

What has become clear after the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is that the "New Era" addition to the CPC ideological line is having some very important and very quickly moving changes on the organization of the state apparatus and on the way on which the CPC asserts its leadership role.  In "The Ideal and Practice of Chinese Constitutionalism in the 'New Era'" (Connecticut Journal of International Law 33(2):''(forthcoming 2018)) I pointed to a likely development;Indeed, one of the most interesting aspects of the invocation of constitution is the 19th CPC Congress Report is the potential relationship between constitution and its normative principles and the conceptualization of socialist democracy as something contextually appropriate to the Chinese political order. This socialist consultative democracy is not built around popular elections and the rise of political parties, but around engagement in…

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