Floatplanes Collide in Alaska with Cruise Ship Excursion Passengers on Board; At Least 5 Dead

Two floatplanes that were providing sightseeing tours collided in midair on Monday. The crash happened near Ketchikan, Alaska with both planes falling from the sky – one landing in a lake and one in the ocean, both still submerged. *Some details are still unverified as the crash is still being investigated. Federal aviation investigators are said to be making their way to the crash sites as of Monday evening/Tuesday morning. #BREAKING: #USGC says two floatplanes have crashed around George Inlet near #Ketchikan, Alaska. Ten people are accounted for, conditions currently unknown; local radio station KRBD says 16 people total were on board the two aircraft. https://t.co/VSQGiEpfLg — Beth Verge (@ktuubeth) May 13, 2019 Initial reports say that there are 5 fatalities, 10 injuries and 1 person who is unaccounted for. Many of the passengers on the planes were also cruise ship passengers who were booked on excursions to view the Alaska scenery. On Tuesday, CBSNews…

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