Flight School Security Awareness Training: Are You In Compliance?

After 9/11, the TSA determined that flight schools and flight instructors were in a position to help provide security in the aviation environment. As a result, the TSA enacted regulations requiring both flight schools and independent CFIs to receive security awareness training so they could assist in the security functions at general aviation airports. Unfortunately, security awareness training isn't usually a high priority for flight schools or CFIs. In fact, most haven't even reviewed the regulations to understand exactly what the TSA expects from them. And that could be a problem when a TSA inspector comes to perform an audit of the flight school's or CFI's security awareness training program and records. So, to help flight schools and CFIs understand their obligations, how to satisfy those requirements, and the potential risks if they are not in compliance, I have written an article to help. You can learn more about this topic by reading my latest…

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