Five ways to improve your time management skills today

We’ve saved the best for last – or potentially, I’ve just been avoiding this topic because time management is an area where I need to be taking my own advice. If you ask a lawyer what one of their biggest issues is, you’ll find that time management is top of the list. Especially when it comes to maximizing billable client time. The place to start with this is in law school. It’s where you can start to improve your business communication skills, develop your presentation skills, or capitalize on networking opportunities. Let’s look at five things you can do today to start to improve your time management skills. Be a scheduling maven I love schedules and lists. I’m not a slave to them, and you needn’t be either, but in order to make the best use of your time, you’ll want to become good friends with them. There are three parts to this: Prioritize Work This takes a few forms, and it depends on the area that…

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