Five Tips for Sharing the Road with Trucks

It’s a fact of life that if you live in Suffolk County, New York you are going to need to drive a car. Mass transit is nearly impossible to use, so our roads are always crowded, especially at rush hour. On top of that, we have many eighteen-wheelers and box trucks traveling through our county every day. Therefore, safely sharing the roads with big rigs is a must. As a Long Island truck accident lawyer, I have seen my share of injured people, many of whom have been in accidents with larger, heavier trucks. As a result of seeing so many truck accidents, I’ve been able to develop some tips for drivers sharing the road with trucks. Safety Tips When Driving With Trucks Always drive defensively, especially when you are near trucks. Defensive driving is always a good idea but never more important than when you’re near a truck. Always pay attention to your surroundings. Scan the roads and take note of any large…

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