Five Factors that can Skew a DUI Test in Georgia

Drivers who fail a DUI test in Georgia often cave in and plead guilty to get the ordeal over with. They believe the results of a breath or blood test are foolproof. This is not always the case. A range of factors can skew a DUI test in Georgia and lead to a false reading. Police use a number of measures to establish whether a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These include field sobriety tests, breath tests, urine tests, and blood tests. All of these tests can be skewed. Field sobriety tests are the least accurate measure of intoxication and blood tests are generally the most accurate. Factors that skew a DUI test in Georgia Here are five factors that can skew a DUI test in Georgia. 1 Substances with a high alcohol content Substances and medication that contain alcohol may be relevant during a Breathalyzer test, particularly when the 0.08 BAC reading is marginal. These include cough drops, cough syrup, mouthwash and even dental work and piercings that can…

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