First Marijuana Ad in Texas Paving Way for Legalization in Rural Areas

A new Texas Marijuana Ad that hit the airwaves this August could potentially signal that both the public opinion and political debate on  legalization of cannabis are shifting in Texas. At a convention in June, 80 percent of Texas delegates voted for decriminalization of marijuana. Currently, medical cannabis is only available to less than 1% of Texans and according to reports, last year the Texas legislature saw 78 legislative sponsors of HB 2107—the comprehensive, medical cannabis bill and a recent poll conducted by the University of Texas and Texas Tribune found that 84% of Texans agree with some form of general, marijuana legalization. The Foundation for an Informed Texas (FIT) ran the educational cable ads to rural Texas. To date, the Compassionate Use Act, relates to the medical use of low-THC cannabis and the regulation of related organizations and individuals; requiring a dispensing organization to obtain a license to dispense low-THC cannabis and any…

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