First Amendment Doesn’t Prevent Probationer Condition Restricting the Display of Illegal Activity on Social Media–In re Jawan S.

17 year old Jawan S. was convicted of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm. The court sentenced him to 2 years probation. Among other probation conditions, the court said no “illegal gang, guns & drug activity *** shall be displayed on his social media.” The court explained that probationer should “not post anything that is obviously illegal on his websites or on any social media.” The trial court expanded this thought: Clear your social media of gangs, guns, and drugs. Stay away from gangs, guns, and drugs. What I mean by clear your social media is make sure you’re not even pointing your finger at the camera. I want nothing that looks like a gun. You are too young to smoke cigarettes. I want nothing that looks like you’re smoking anything. I don’t know if it’s a cigarette. I don’t know if it’s a blunt. Neither of those are showing up on your social media anywhere On appeal,…

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