Finding a criminal defense lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer is needed to uphold the governing rules of criminal law and defend the rights of those accused. They work to present a credible account of their client’s version of events to prove their innocence. criminal law are the laws or rules defining the conduct of individuals as it refers to ensuring the safety and welfare of a society, and the penalties of not adhering to such conduct. In most countries, there is a distinguishing difference between criminal law and other forms of law. In fact, laws are generally separated into military, criminal, civil, administrative law, constitutional law etc. an individual facing criminal charges may be assigned a public defender whom may have experience from any one of the mentioned forms of law and or have no experience in criminal law per say. an experienced private lawyer who may have focused for several years on criminal law cases is called a criminal defense lawyer. Usually, an individual whom may not have the financial means to have a criminal defense lawyer represent them in defense of the charges, a public defender is assigned by the state.

As criminal law also includes rules on capital crimes and their associated severe penalties in the form of capital punishment – death penalties, it is an individual’s best interest to use the experience of a criminal defense lawyer. a criminal defense lawyer is tasked with showing to a court that reasonable doubt does indeed exist to disprove any criminal liability where as a prosecutor will attempt to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the crime was criminally motivated. They do this by showing that no criminal intent existed when the crime was committed, no criminal act was actually committed by the charged individual for the crime, or by showing that both a criminal act was not committed and no criminal intent existed on the part of their client.

In general, two categories are used to classify criminal cases; a crime may be classified as a felony or a misdemeanor. When the sentencing on a criminal case is incarceration for no more than year, it is called a misdemeanor; anything more than a year is considered a felony. Other countries such as commonwealth states, for example the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, may use summary offenses and indictable offenses to distinguish between crimes considered to be high in severity from those that are considered low in severity. In the United States, in both a misdemeanor and felony charges, a lawyer of criminal defense can be invaluable in pre-trial negotiations of a plea bargain. For instance in felony charges, where a charged individual is uncooperative or unforthcoming in disclosing information, exercising their right to remain silent, a private defense lawyer experienced in the intricacies of criminal law may be able to negotiate lesser penalties with the prosecution on their clients behalf; they may also be able to achieve these in misdemeanors or get favorable ruling in a court of appeal. Though a public defense lawyer may be capable of do this for the client, they may be less motivated to do so.

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