Financing College After a Divorce

While parents are always proud when their children go off to college, there is no ignoring the immense financial burden higher education can bring, for students and parents alike. Paying for college is not easy for most families, and it is further complicated for parents currently involved in the divorce process or already divorced. Illinois is one of the few states where a judge can order a parent to pay tuition and other college expenses if a mutual decision cannot be made. This part of family law in Illinois is called post-high school educational expenses.  Paying for College After Divorce College expenses are treated like child support, but there are limitations. There is a cutoff of how long a parent is obligated to pay for college expenses for a non-minor child. When a child turns 23 years old, has received a bachelor’s degree, or gets married, a parent no longer can be ordered to support post-high school educational expenses. Your situation may be…

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