Should I file an Actos lawsuit

Actos is a type II diabetes prescription drug. It works by preventing the liver from producing more sugar and by making muscle and fat cells less resistant to insulin. It is available in different doses and it should be taken once a day for a longer period of time combined with a healthy diet.

Despite its benefits the drug can also harm patients by developing some severe or even life threatening medical conditions like heart failure or lactic acidosis. Besides these problems recently a new severe side effect of the medication has been added. In 2011 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning for patients and doctors regarding the fact that Actos can cause bladder cancer. Clinical studies have revealed that a treatment period longer than one year increases the risks of developing bladder cancer with up to 40%. Because of this problem the medication has been withdrawn from some European markets but it is still available in the U.S.

Patients prescribed with the drug should inform themselves about possible symptoms of the condition and contact a doctor immediately if they notice suspicious signs. If they were unlucky enough to develop bladder cancer besides medical help they should also get legal support. They can contact a personal injury lawyer for an initial case evaluation to see if they qualify for an Actos lawsuit. If there is prove that the medication was indeed the cause of their injury, the drug manufacturing company can and should be held responsible. If they knew about the risks and failed to inform patients, plaintiffs are entitled to receive financial compensation. The amount of that compensation should be established together with medical and financial experts. It should be enough to cover the costs of present and future medical treatment and care, lost wages, pain and suffering, lawyer’s fees and other costs related to the injury.

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  1. Food and Drug Association must be responsible for this. Go and file against them.

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