Fields on Policing Arizona

Shawn Fields (Campbell University – Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law) has posted Guns, Knives, and Swords: Policing a Heavily Armed Arizona (Arizona State Law Journal, Forthcoming) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: Arizona is widely recognized as the most permissive state in the country for public weapons possession. In 2010, then-Governor Jan Brewer famously removed all permitting requirements for public concealed carry of firearms, making Arizona only the third “constitutional carry” state in the nation. Also in 2010, and to much less fanfare, Arizona became the first state to prohibit local governments from enacting any regulations restricting the sale or possession of knives of any kind, including swords, maces, and other exotic blades. Today, Arizona remains the only state in the country with virtually no restrictions on the public concealed carry of any type of bladed weapon. In part owing to this deregulatory environment, as many as twelve percent…

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