Field Sobriety Test: Walk and Turn

The second most performed field sobriety test in a DWI investigation is the Walk and Turn.  To fully understand this field sobriety test, you must become familiar with the phases and scoring of the test.  After you are acquainted with proper administration, you can then point to the issues which may arise during the test. Instructions for the walk and turn: the suspect will be told to place their left foot on what may be a real or an imaginary line. Then the suspect is told to place their right foot on the line in front of their left foot while placing their hands by their side. The suspect is instructed to remain in this position until instructed to start the test. The Walk and turn is a divided attention test.  It will usually be the second test administered by the officer, after the HGN. According to NHTSA, the field sobriety test must be performed “in strict compliance with the directives issued.” If performed correctly, the walk and turn is…

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