Feeling Dubious About Your Case Strategy?

Any amateur do-it-yourselfer knows, home improvement projects that are “good enough” don’t often stand up to long-term use. Unsurprisingly, that which is merely adequate is rarely durable. Now, the reliability of a weekend warrior project is one thing, but when it’s your client’s case and your professional reputation on the line, good enough just doesn’t cut it. Even when you luck out, the knowledge that you’re working with anything less than the best erodes your own confidence. Like a homeowner wondering when that pipe they fixed will start leaking again, lawyers who look at their legal research and say to themselves, “that’s probably good enough,” are bound to wonder if they’ll succeed. “Did my opponent work harder on this than I did?” “Does she know about something I don’t?” Good Enough vs. Competitive Edge The truth is, when you approach your work with a “good enough”…

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