Feel no Shame for Filing for Bankruptcy Relief

Many times our clients feel ashamed and embarrassed about having to file for bankruptcy relief. However, in most cases it is absolutely necessary for that debtor to file in order to come out of harassment and overwhelming financial stress. Noone should have to live under those types of circumstances. Bankruptcy was designed to give individuals and businesses fresh starts to their financial well being. Most collection agencies and credit card companies are only concerned about one thing: getting paid. And they will go to extremes in order to get what is owed. Nevermind, that they impose 25% interest rates or that they have no desire to negotiate and work out payment plans when you have had a drop in income. Although many clients are eligible for chapter 7 relief, they sometimes choose to go with a chapter 13 so that they can sleep at night knowing that their creditors are getting paid at least something back. Attorneys should always do what is in the best interests of their clients under the confines of the law ethics rules. If this includes allowing a clients to choose a legal route that helps them sleep at night, then so be it.

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