FDCPA and Suing the Wrong Person: Smith v. Moss Law Firm, P.C. (USDC SD Tex. 2019)

INDIVIDUAL WHO IS DUNNED OR SUED BUT DOES NOT OWE THE DEBT CAN HAVE STANDING TO BRING  UNFAIR COLLECTION CLAIM UNDER FAIR DEBT COLLECTION STATUTES Motion to dismiss in FDCPA action brought by non-debtor against prominent Texas debt collection attorney Michael Moss's law firm denied. Defendant collection law firm argued that plaintiff did not have standing to sue under FDCPA and its Texas state law counterpart: the Texas Debt Collection Act. A federal district court judge in Dallas found otherwise.CHRISTOPHER SMITH, Plaintiff,v.MOSS LAW FIRM, P.C., Defendant.Civil Action No. 3:18-CV-2449-D.United States District Court, N.D. Texas, Dallas Division.January 15, 2019.Christopher Smith, Plaintiff, represented by Ramona Veronica Ladwig, Hyde & Swigart, Anthony Patrick Chester, Hyde & Swigart & Seyed Abbas Kazerounian, Kazerouni Law Group APC.Moss Law Firm PC, Defendant, represented by Rebecca Anne Moss, Moss Law Firm PC & Michael Allen Moss, Moss Law…

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