FDA’s Exploration of Innovation vs. Access Continues with Public Hearing on the Biosimilar Marketplace

By Sara W. Koblitz — Just like last year when it held a public hearing and rolled out the Generic Drug Action Plan, FDA is following its recent announcement of the Biosimilar Action Plan with a Public Hearing on competition in the biologics market entitled Facilitating Competition and Innovation in the Biological Products Marketplace.  This hearing seeks input from the public on how FDA can enhance efforts to increase access to the innovative treatment options in the biological products marketplace.  The Public Hearing will be held at FDA on September 4, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will involve presentations from public stakeholders rather than Agency officials or invitees. FDA is looking for information and comments from a broad group of stakeholders (i.e. patients, researchers, healthcare providers, manufacturers, professional organizations, and the public) on how the Agency can best facilitate greater availability of biosimilar and interchangeable products…

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