FDA Warns Websites: Cease Sales of Fraudulent Cancer Remedies

  According to a report on medicalnewstoday.com, consumer complaints and Internet searches conducted by members of the Mexico-US-Canada Fraud working group lead the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to find that 125 products sold online, that are boasting prevention, treatment, and/or cures for cancer, are fraudulent. Government officials are concerned that these products will interfere with legitimate cancer treatment and/or be independently harmful to individuals. Furthermore, it is worrisome that cancer patients may rely on these false claims and not seek appropriate medical care.

In 1938, Congress passed a law granting the FDA the ability to put a stop to the sales of any product that has the potential to cause harm to consumers. This law supports the actions that the FDA took on June 17, 2008 when the agency sent letters to 25 companies warning them that if they do not cease the sales of fraudulent cancer remedies, within 15 days, the products will be seized and the representative companies may face criminal prosecutions. Margaret O’K Glavin, FDA’s associate commissioner of regulatory affairs explains that,  "These warning letters are an important step to ensure that consumers do not become the victim of false cures that may cause greater harm to their health." 

Furthermore, according to a recent Baltimore Sun article, prior to the FDA’s warning, Canadian officials, Mexican officials, and the US Federal trade sent letters warning 122 websites to cease the sales of their fictitious products. The FDA is now working with these agencies to further the prohibition of these fraudulent cures.

Click here for a link to the FDAs list of companies that have been found to be selling fraudulent cancer remedies.

 The following are some precautions to take to protect yourself from fraudulent online cures:

  • Be cautious of products called: tablets, teas, black salves, tonics, or creams;
  • Avoid anything on the List of Fraudulent Products posted on the FDA website;
  • Talk to a doctor before taking any product from an online source;
  • If you already are taking a product bought online, talk to your doctor about the safety and possible side effects of the product;
  • If you are experiencing any side effects, seek medical help immediately.

Click here for more detailed information from the FDA website.

The FDA encourages consumers to report fraudulent products by calling 800-FDA-1088 or electronically at www.fda.gov/medwatch/report.htm


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