FCC Tackles “Slamming and Cramming”

“Slamming and cramming” might sound more appropriate in professional wrestling than telecommunications, but it’s the Federal Communications Commission and not the WWE that’s making moves in this area. On June 7, the Commission approved new rules aimed at stopping both slamming and cramming by telecommunications carriers, which we’ve summarized below. On August 16, these new rules will go into effect. “Slamming” refers to a change being made in a consumer’s telephone service provider without the consumer’s permission. According to the new standard, slamming can happen whenever there is a “material misrepresentation,” which could be the result of false information in a sales call or the falsification of a consumer’s verification. The FCC is concerned that telephone companies use falsified confirmations to satisfy the third-party verification system, which is one of the approved mechanisms by which a company…

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