Fathers have a right to spend time with their children

Spending time with your children is something that most parents take for granted. Fathers have a much different take on this matter if they aren't in a relationship with the children's mother any longer. While more states are moving toward custody orders that enable the children to have equal time with both parents, the fact is that California just isn't there yet. A study done by Custody X Change found that fathers in this state spend around 32.8 percent of the year with their children, which puts California at number 24 on the list of most father friendly states. This is a huge jump over the state at the bottom of the list, which has fathers only spending an average of 21.8 percent of the year with their children. What can fathers do to get more time with their children? One option that fathers can exercise is trying to work out a child custody agreement with the mother. This enables both adults to work as a team to set the schedule. Since the judge…

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