Fatal Crashes Rise in Georgia Work Zones

Fatal crashes in Georgia work zones spiked in recent years. The victims are drivers, passengers, and pedestrians such as workers on road projects. Areas of construction on the road remain highly dangerous places despite restricted speed limits and other safeguards. The increase in fatal work zone accidents in recent years is highlighted by the Georgia Department of Transportation. The department highlights an increase from 23 deaths in highway construction zones in 2014 to 55 in 2017. In some cases, road workers have paid the ultimate price of speeding, reckless and careless drivers. Georgia DOT lost 60 workers from 1973 to the present. In 2017 alone, work zones were the scenes of 20,834 accidents in Georgia, resulting in more than 7,200 injuries and 55 deaths. In Georgia, drivers and passengers are the victims of 78 percent of work zone deaths. Crashes increase in Crashes Rise in Georgia Work Zones The work zone death fatality figures are alarming. Despite elevated fines and…

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