Fantasy Sports and Divorced Dads

Fantasy sports are everywhere. We all have our personal favorites, but it’s a year-round endeavor. Football, basketball, and baseball are the biggies, but we also have hockey, various soccer leagues, and even fantasy Olympics. (And rugby, golf, cricket, NASCAR…you name it.) Fantasy sports offer another level of engagement beyond passive viewership and create interest in games and events you might not otherwise care about. A Packers fan may not pay much attention to a Raiders game unless he has Antonio Brown on his fantasy roster. But if it can win him a playoff spot, you better believe eyes are glued to the TV. That’s all well and good, but fantasy sports also often prove useful for divorced dads. Related Reading: Do I Have Any Rights to See My Kids? What Fantasy Sports Teaches Your Kids It may be the absolute right choice, but divorce is tough on everyone. Parent-child relationships often take a huge hit in the aftermath. Especially if you…

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