Family Settles Personal Injury Lawsuit Launched for $10m

A branch of restaurant chain Applebee’s has recently settled a personal injury lawsuit launched against them by the parents of a boy from Texas who sustained brain injuries after a drunk restaurant patron crashed into the family’s car. The parents of the young boy, Mr and Mrs Khader, launched the personal injury lawsuit seeking $10 million in personal injury money from the Kansas City-based Applebee’s restaurant chain. However, the final amount of personal injury money was not disclosed. The lawsuit launched by the parents accused employees at a branch of Applebee’s in Mansfield, Texas of serving the restaurant patron with a total of 23 alcoholic beverages in less than two hours, poor judgement which directly led him to be involved in the auto accident.

The personal injury law firm they hired launched an investigation which was later described as ‘key’ to winning the Khader family’s lawsuit. The specialist personal injury investigation dug deep into the alleged drunk driver’s movements on the day the auto accident took place. Eventually, the receipts of the beverages were unearthed, showing that he had paid for almost two dozen drinks in a two-hour time period. Police had determined that the driver’s blood alcohol level was over triple the legal limit in Texas, around 0.08%.

The personal injury lawsuit was launched against both Applebee’s and the drunk driver, who later transpired to be a repeat DWI offender and is now facing criminal charges because of the crash. The criminal trial is currently pending. The young Khader boy suffered damage to around 80% of his brain, a fact which incurred massive medical expenses sought to be covered in the $10 million personal injury lawsuit. This will also afford round-the-clock care and support for the young boy.

At this stage, it appears that the Khader personal injury lawyer cited the Texas Dram Shop Act. This bit of legislation is similar to that in place in many other states which allows people to initiate lawsuits against businesses for personal injury and other damages which occurred as a direct result of the establishment serving excessive quantities of alcohol to an offending customer. The judge stated that he hoped that the Khader family lawsuit will serve as a reminder to others to enjoy alcohol responsibly and not to drive after they have done so. The Khader family will be investing in specially-adapted home and transportation for their son to make his life more comfortable. We wish the family all the best.

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