Family Member Seeks Information on Behalf of Father-In-Law Who Was Severely Injured on an Excursion During Celebrity Cruise

A recent zip line excursion left one cruise ship passenger with multiple injuries which could potentially alter the passenger’s health for the long term. Because the passenger was in no condition to reach out to our office in Miami on their own, the son-in-law connected with us. The accident happened on a cruise line directed excursion on the island of St. Kitts. The passenger was attempting to enjoy a zip line activity when things went wrong. Injuries include: being knocked unconscious fractures in both ankles a broken nose multiple surgeries The question for our firm when passengers injuries like this are reported to us are: What role did the Celebrity Cruises play (if any) in this accident? Was Celebrity or its employees negligent in their actions or policies? Was the cruise line at fault? Could the cruise line be held liable for the passenger’s injury, healthcare and loss of wages? A potential case like this one sparks many questions and requires the collection…

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