Don’t ever buy insurance with a family exclusion.  Here’s how it worked for a recent client of mine: Mom was driving, didn’t pay attention to the slippery conditions of a Maryland winter, and her car slid into oncoming traffic.  Her vehicle was totaled, and more devastatingly, one of her twins the back car-seat was catastrophically injured.  She had brain damage, requires a feeding tube, and now needs 24-hour care. Thinking they had done the right thing when they purchased GEICO insurance, their policy provided for $250,000.00 if they injured someone else, or if someone without insurance injured them. However, there was a caveat that they didn’t pay attention to: if a family member was injured because of the negligence of another family member, the most the insurance would pay out is $30,000.00.  That’s $30,000.00 for nursing care, medicine, therapies, wheelchairs, disability vans, and ramps to the front door.  From a legal…

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