False Imprisonment: What You Need to Know

When a relationship within your home turns toxic, there can be a lot of resentment. These negative feelings can become so extreme that one could commit something that is considered unreasonable, tragic, or out-of-line, such as locking their partner in a room for an absurd amount of time to teach them some type of lesson. There are many reasons that people commit these actions, but typically, either stems from revenge or from the need to get them out of their way. In New Jersey, false imprisonment is seen as a type of domestic violence because it often happens between people who had or still have an intimate relationship. The conviction of unlawful imprisonment is serious and can negatively affect someone for the rest of their life. False Imprisonment The name might seem straightforward, but what is considered false imprisonment is different than putting someone else behind bars for a false conviction. If you knowingly restrain another person in an unlawful manner – taking…

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