Fairfax Special Needs Planning Lawyer: Be Careful When Fundraising for a Person with Disabilities

With the creation of easy-access fundraising tools like “GoFundMe,” more and more people are inadvertently causing problems for the disabled person they are trying to help. Raising money for someone who depends on government programs like Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) could cause the disabled person to go beyond income thresholds and jeopardize their access to services that they need. Before collecting money for a disabled loved one, make sure that a proper Special Needs Trust has been established so that assets are not given directly to the person with special needs. Putting money into the Special Needs Trust will benefit the person, but will not disqualify him or her from government benefits. It is important to note that donations are typically not tax deductible for the donor because the money is only being used for a particular person or family. Be sure to let potential donors know this in advance by explaining that the money donated will be…

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