Fair Use and Platform Safe Harbors in NAFTA

Negotiators from Mexico, Canada and the United States were in Mexico City this week for a tense seventh round of negotiations over a modernized version of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. With President Trump's announcement of tough new unilateral tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum, and the commencement of the Mexican election season later this month, pressure to conclude the deal—or for the United States to withdraw from it—is mounting. In all of this, there is a risk that the issues that are of concern to Internet users are being sidelined. Protesters at the 7th round of NAFTA One of these issues is the need for balance in the intellectual property chapter of the agreement, in particular by requiring the countries to have copyright limitations and exceptions such as fair use. This is particularly important if, as we have reason to fear, the rest of the chapter contains provisions…

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