Failing to appear for an examination trumps non-selection retaliation claim

Failing to appear for an examination trumps non-selection retaliation claimWilliams v City of New York, 38 A.D.3d 238 Gina Williams, complained that she was rejected for employment as a correction officer with the New York City Department of Corrections in retaliation for her filing a sexual harassment claim against her employer, the New York City Housing Authority. The Appellate Division, First Department ruled that Williams failed to establish a prima facie claim of retaliation as there was no evidence of a causal connection between the filing of the harassment claim in 1998 and the denial of her appointment as a correction officer some two years later. Significantly, Williams had been approved for appointment as a corrections officer on the condition that she take a psychological examination. She failed to appear for the examination. This, said the court, was fatal to Williams' lawsuit claiming retaliation since "even were it determined that there was a prima facie case of retaliation, [Williams] failed to show that the legitimate, nondiscriminatory reasons given by Corrections for their actions were mere pretext." For the full text of the decision, go to:

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