Faced with Funding Deadlines, Santa Cruz Approves Use of Eminent Domain

(Dan Coyro — Santa Cruz Sentinel) As we have seen far too many times in California, eminent domain becomes a key tool for public agencies in order to keep public works construction on schedule and avoid jeopardizing state or federal funding.  According to an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Santa Cruz council approves eminent domain for road widening, situation is playing out in Santa Cruz, where the City Council recently approved the adoption of a resolution of necessity to acquire two properties by eminent domain in order to satisfy a July deadline for a $2.8 million construction grant. The properties in question are needed for the City’s planned intersection widening project at Highways 9 and 1, which would add four new lanes, plus modern traffic signal equipment, bike lanes, access ramps and crosswalks.  The properties are currently utilized as a rental complex and the 45-year location of Central Home Supply’s flagship store.  The…

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