FAA’s Approval of the 737 Max Questioned – But Why Now?

Both the Department of Justice and Transportation Department’s inspector general are investigating the FAA’s approval of the Boeing 737 Max and, in particular, the aircraft’s anti-stall system. The FAA is supposed to ensure that Boeing aircraft are safe. Investigators want to know: Are the FAA and Boeing too cozy? Is the FAA’s oversight is too lax? Is it true that the FAA didn’t actually certify the Max’s anti-stall system as safe but instead allowed Boeing to certify itself? Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest? But the real question is why these questions are being asked only now. It was almost 10 years ago that FAA abdicated its certification responsibilities and granted to Boeing the power to certify itself. I questioned then whether that was in the best interests of safety. Beginning August 31, the FAA will allow Boeing to self-certify its designs. The FAA will not even do the rubber stamping — Boeing employees will do…

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