EYE ON YOUR FUTURE: Marital vs. Non-Marital Assets

EYE ON YOUR FUTURE: Marital vs. Non-Marital Assets It is really easy to do when you are in love. You just got married and your new husband or wife has moved into the home you owned before the marriage. It is death ‘til you part so discussions move toward putting your new spouse on the home’s title. Then discussions turn to pooling finances together into one pot to make it easier to start a family. So that inheritance from your grandparents and the settlement from the car accident you received is moved into a joint love nest. Down the road, however, the worst happens: unforeseen stresses on the marriage lead to divorce. Of course you can get all those assets you pooled together back right? Wrong, says Ayo & Iken Tampa Attorney James Wimsatt. The moment you put your spouse on the home title it went from a non-marital asset to a marital asset, so even though you owned it before the marriage, in Florida, an equitable distribution state, the spouse is…

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