Executive Level Nursing Home Salaries Up

Many executive level nursing home employees are seeing higher paychecks than in years past. According to the 40th annual Nursing Home Salary & Benefits Report, nursing home administrator salaries went up nearly 3% between 2016 to 2017. According to salary.com, the average nursing home administrator salary in Chicago is $116,515, more than the study’s reported national average of $97,401. Nursing home executive directors and directors of nursing are also faring well. Executive director average salaries went up 2.46%, from $127,262 in 2016 to $130,389 in 2017, while directors of nursing saw a 2.64% jump (from $89,092 to $91,444 in 2017). Executives Thriving While CNAs Barely Getting By The survey only serves to highlight the disparity in pay between executive level employees and those who actually engage in day-to-day care of elderly nursing home residents. A 2016 study reported that 1/3 of CNAs are receiving public assistance, with close to half of them…

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