Examining the Saturday Night Live Plagiarism Controversy

Content Warning: Due to the nature of the sketches involved, this post will include both adult language and sexual themes, in particular in embedded videos. On March 15, Variety reported that the the NBC program Saturday Night Live (SNL) is facing allegations that it plagiarized two sketches from a different New York sketch comedy troupe. The allegations come from Nick Ruggia and Ryan Hoffman, the founders of the troupe Temple Horses. Since 2011, the duo have been filming a variety of comedy sketches, and uploading them to their YouTube channel. However, the controversy with SNL deals with two specific SNL sketches and how they overlap with two earlier sketches by Temple Horses. The first is the SNL Sketch The Pumpkin Patch, which deals with a pumpkin patch owner that is forced to fire three employees after they are caught having sex with some of his pumpkins. According to Ruggia and Hoffman, this sketch closely mirrors a sketch they put on Youtube in…

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