Evolving Technology in Autonomous Vehicles — When will states catch up?

Autonomous Vehicles still need drivers A new study on autonomous vehicles (AVs) suggests states should pass legislation requiring driver licenses for those behind the wheels of a new wave of cars. The Governors Highway Safety Association also urges leaders to review and rewrite traffic laws so the impending changes autonomous vehicles will make to the dynamic on U.S. roadways are considered. “The new report notes that autonomous technology short of full automation presents a number of important behavioral safety issues related to how operators and passengers use this technology,” the association writes in a press release titled “New Report: Don’t Overlook Humans’ Role in Autonomous Vehicle Safety.” “Inattention is of particular concern when operators expected to monitor driving may not do so as diligently as they should, and even an operator who does not need to monitor the road for long periods of time may not be able to quickly…

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