Even Without the Poll Numbers, Gonzales Should Go

Lets go to the polls. The Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg released poll results yesterday on the scandal involving the firing last year by the White House and Justice Department of eight U.S. Attorneys. A slim majority of us, 53 percent, believe that Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales should resign from his post for his role in and reaction to the controversy. The poll found that an even larger majority of us, 74 percent, believe that top White House officials should testify under oath about their roles in the affair. On this last point, the poll found, even 49 percent of Republicans agreed that Karl Rove and others should be held to publicly account for their conduct. Now, I am not a big fan of polls, especially on complicated and nuanced issues like the ones in play here. Given the partisanship swirling around the country these days, the fact that

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