European Parliament Vote Addresses Core CDT Concerns with the Proposed Regulation on Terrorist Content Online

On 17 April 2019, the European Parliament adopted its Report on the proposed Regulation on terrorist content online. The report was adopted with a vast majority of 308 votes in favour, 204 against and 70 abstentions. The text improves significantly on the initial proposal of the European Commission released in September 2018. We are pleased that many of our concerns have been addressed, although several troubling elements remain in the Parliament’s version of the legislation. Improvements The original draft legislation was sweeping in scope, applying to a broad range of speech and online intermediaries. The Parliament amendments limit the potential scope of the bill. The definition of “terrorist content” has been narrowed, and explicitly does not apply to “content which is disseminated for educational, artistic, journalistic or research purposes, or for awareness raising purposes against terrorist activity, nor to content which represents an…

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