[Eugene Volokh] University of Miami Demands $7500 for Security for Free Speech Debate Involving Charles Murray [UPDATE: Dean's response added, post bumped up to reflect that]

[UPDATE: I've bumped up the post, which was originally posted Monday, in light of the Dean's response; click on "MORE" to see the rest of the original post, the Dean's response, and my reaction to the response.] The Federalist Society at the University of Miami School of Law is trying to put on a debate on free speech between political scientist Charles Murray and Miami law professor Mary Anne Franks, who has written extensively about First Amendment law. Murray, of course, is controversial because he coauthored The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, a book that suggested (among other things) that there may be some biological differences in intelligence between various racial groups. But perhaps because of recent attempts to suppress his speech — including a notorious violent attack at Middlebury College, in which Middlebury professor Allison Stanger was injured — he has also started talking about academic freedom (see,…

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