[Eugene Volokh] Eliminate Article II’s Anomalous Birth Requirement, so “Made in America” Citizens May Run, With Gratitude, for President

Thank you to readers and commenters here this week. Your thoughtful consideration has improved my proposed amendment to render eligible for President all American citizens who meet the age and duration requirements of Article II. You have persuaded me to make two changes: (1) substitution of new 14-year length-of-citizenship requirement to replace current 14-year length-of-residency requirement; (2) addition of 6-year lag between ratification and effective date. You have also provided a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of various arguments for ratification. I am grateful. Now all that remains is to get the amendment ratified. I modeled my proposal on one introduced in Congress May 18, 1868 by an Irish-born congressman from New York. Today, exactly 150 years later, I'm delighted to report that this proposed amendment has picked up senatorial support from an important committee chair. The Volokh Conspiracy gets results! A few final thoughts. Anomalous Article II: If you…

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