[Eugene Volokh] Another "Stop Talking About Him" Court Order, This One Obtained by Convicted Securities Fraudster

Tracy Zona was ordered to "remove forthwith, all references to petitioner the family and legal representatives and make no further posting in re of any kind"; she was then ordered to spend five days in jail unless she removed the posts (which she did).Tracy Zona has been blogging about her ex-husband Richard Zona and his business associate, Howard Miller Appel. Some of the posts focused on what appears to be Appel's criminal past — he has "two prior securities-fraud related convictions," and has just been charged again by the Justice Department (and sued by the SEC). Some claimed that Appel mistreated his family members and was trying to kill her (though Zona has since claimed this last accusation was hyperbole). But instead of suing Zona for libel, Appel went to court and got a civil harassment restraining order that categorically forbade Zona from posting anything about him, his family, and his lawyers, as well as required her to remove all her past…

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