EU27 and UK citizens’ acquired rights in the Brexit withdrawal agreement: detailed analysis and annotation

EU Law Analysis Blog – Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex: “The issue of the acquired rights of EU27 and UK citizens has long been a focus of this blog. The latest development in this field is the proposed rules in the Brexit withdrawal agreement on this issue, as recently tabled by the Commission. This follows on from the partial agreement on this issue in the joint report agreed by the UK and EU27 in December, which I analysed here. (Note that the health law implications of this part of the agreement were already discussed here by Professor Tamara Hervey, who proposed some additional amendments). It remains to be seen whether the UK agrees to the Commission proposal on these issues; although a large part of the proposal reflects the December agreement in general terms, some points were left open and inevitably a legal text fleshes out points of detail which might not have been fully agreed in the previous, more political, text. Even if the UK and EU27 side…

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