EU Tech Policy Brief: February 2018

This is the February issue of CDT’s monthly EU Tech Policy Brief. It highlights some of the most pressing technology and internet policy issues under debate in Europe, the U.S., and internationally, and gives CDT’s perspective on them. CDT Responds to ‘Fake News’ Public Consultation CDT filed its response to the European Commission’s public consultation on tackling ‘fake news’, which was announced by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel in November of last year, along with the creation of an expert group. In our comments, we first point out that there is no consensus on a definition of the concept, something the consultation document acknowledges. Second, there is a need to gather credible evidence about the existence of material fitting the description, and any impact it may have. Third, the consultation does not acknowledge that the ‘fake news’ issue is now top of the political agenda due to the Russian regime’s deliberate,…

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