eSports — VC & M&A Trends, Valuations and Investments

This is the second piece of a multi-part series covering the eSports and Gaming Video Content (GVC) industries. As the eSports industry continues to grow to a market size of close to $1.5B by 2020, growing at a YoY rate of 41%, both deal flow and deal size are expected to grow with it.[1] This article will discuss the buyer profile, notable transactions, and valuation methodologies in the eSports and gaming industry. Overview According to CrunchBase, total non-controlling equity investments in the eSports industry has already passed $1.2B YTD 2017, and is expected to top $1.8B from 136 deals by year end.[2] That would represent a YoY growth in capital raised of 23.3% over the $1.5B raised in 2016. eSports M&A activity is following a similar trend growing deal flow and capital invested. The large exception to the trend is the surge in capital invested in 2014 which was a result of Amazon’s $1.1B acquisition of Twitch – the leading live stream platform for…

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