Erasmus Barcelona Creates Lasting Memories for Students

Barcelona, Spain, Dec. 18, 2011 – Barcelona is often a preferred place to go for individuals everywhere and 1000s of students flock in to the country annually for ones educational, cultural and sightseeing opportunities. Erasmus Barcelona is the largest student community while in the city, providing a myriad of services and assistance for anyone going to the country.

“Our goal is to look for the free activities for Erasmus and International students in Barcelona,” said Shaz Diaz, Event Manager for Erasmus Barcelona.

Erasmus Barcelona organizes the most significant free welcome meetings as a student journeying to Barcelona. Meetings are held at informal locations, allowing participants to chill and meet up with other students which are attending university, study abroad programs and internships. The meet-and-greet events are held each Sunday in February and September, and go on for approximately three hours.

Shaz assists students by having a variety of information and services to insure their stay can be an experience which can live for their memories for years. Erasmus Barcelona provides info on accommodations in Barcelona, booking flights, and the city’s transportation system. Many nightclubs and entertainments maintain strict dress codes and Shaz has many details of appropriate attire.

Access is provided to free activities together with a multitude of festivals and entertainments and Shaz can find students to generate free wristbands and cards to exciting events. Shaz assists students who will be Facebook friends in locating nightclubs that include free entrance, obtaining free mobile SIM cards, and venues that come with free dinners and drinks.
VIP nights and special attractions could also be arranged, along with Spanish courses and Salsa lessons. Shaz may also assist students in booking low-cost trips to check out other major cities to view the numerous cultural events, concerts and performances the nation offers.

Visitors the internet site can register and download the free eBook, “Barcelona Guide for Erasmus & International Students” for 2011-2012. Individuals who signup will receive information about free parties, drinks, dinners and adventures located from the city. Tickets at the moment are accessible to the 2012 New Year’s Eve party and might can be obtained at the organization’s Facebook page at

Erasmus Barcelona stands out as the premier informational resource for college kids looking to further their education in Spain. The provider conducts Erasmus meetings, has many information on Erasmus accommodations in Barcelona, and aids students in locating free dining and entertainment opportunities. Those engaging in Erasmus Barcelona be able to access low-cost sightseeing tours, VIP nights and free events that can make memories that keep working for a lifetime.

Shaz can be contacted via email aided by the convenient form on websites. To acquire more information, go to website at

Erasmus Barcelona
Erasmus Barcelona Guide

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