ePharmaPedia Medical encyclopedia

What exactly is ePharmaPedia?
ePharmaPedia will be first project of its kind during the world; it is according to scientific research to represent a scientific, educational, and promotional specialized event. The help that project offers cover the many medical events inside the modern world. The electronic pharmaceutical encyclopedia is viewed as a complete source for everything to do with pharmaceutical industries and the medical sector. Regarded as imperative source every doctor and pharmacist or chemist, plus each of the specialists which actually work during the medical sector and pharmaceutical industries.
Who is responsible for ePharmaPedia?
This project was achieved because of a team of doctors, pharmacists, researchers, programmers and system analysts, in addition to other staff numerous specialties. This project has developed in the making since 2008 when using the financial support of “Pharma Web”, which is the owner of the project, and a noticeably lots of supporters.
Precisely what does ePharmaPedia offer?
Directories (names and addresses) of over 2 million addresses WORLDWIDE:

The addresses of doctors and clinics.
The addresses of pharmacists.
The addresses of pharmaceutical factories.
The addresses of hospitals and health centers.
The addresses of agents and medicine wholesales.
The directory from the ministries of medical and health organizations.
The directory of medical facilities globally, suppliers of medical equipment, providers of unprocessed trash and many different medical companies.
All addresses are classified in accordance with country, city, and Specialty.
Directory of medicines including all medical products (trade names, scientific names, ingredients, indications and even more).
Directory of diseases including lots of diseases in a variety of classifications; each disease consists of a definition, symptoms, causes, treatments, complications together with other information.
Directory of medical devices, which incorporates devices for factories, hospitals, laboratories and clinics, and specifics of each device’s functions, technical specifications, pictures, etc.
Specialists could perhaps add knowledge about their clinics, hospitals, factories, etc.

Articles and News:

News relating to the medicine and pharmacy fields.
News concerning medical factories.
Research and studies concerning every single of medical and pharmaceutical issues.
Articles with tips, guidance and public health.
Media coverage of medical conferences and symposiums worldwide.
Many of these are interactive subjects the location where the user can touch upon what is the news or article, or by asking questions approximately the same subject.

ePharmaPedia is Directed To:
All specialists that are enthusiastic about contacting pharmaceutical and medical activities. Through our service of directories, users can access the addresses associated with any of this following medical services: pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, doctors, pharmacists, laboratories, drugs stores and agents, along with medical services.

All scientific researchers. This web site serves as an essential hitting the ground with individuals all pharmaceutical and medical fields by free eBooks and software downloads.

Students of medicine, pharmacy and chemistry; to read and enhance their knowledge and expand their studies.

The interested in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, personnel and institutions.

Objectives of ePharmaPedia:

To post facts on medicine and medical facilities.
To document events and medical facilities, and to set procedures with the documentation process and robustness of these events.
Media coverage and analysis among all medical events around the globe so as to achieve results that are helpful for decision makers.
To search global by appointing representative offices for ePharmaPedia worldwide.
To end up being a major reference for anyone specialists within the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.


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